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The stories in Eight Ghosts were each inspired by – and set within the walls of – an English Heritage property.

Stuart said: “It is a really nice blend of writers.

Short story writers usually write what they like, but this was specific, so a bit more of a challenge.” Bronwen Riley from English Heritage said: “The castles and stately homes of England have long inspired ghostly myths and legends – after all, white ladies and headless apparitions all need somewhere fitting to haunt.

We wanted to challenge today’s writers to use these buildings and come up with a new twist on the English ghost story.

Stuart, who stayed in the grounds with his wife, said: “It was wonderful – very still and peaceful.

It was really interesting because we got access to the castle after everyone had left and it felt like we were the only people there. “We went into the town and got a taxi back later and the driver couldn’t believe we wanted to go to the castle at that time of night – he’d never had anyone ask that before!

Stuart Evers’ work on Dover Castle joins seven other authors’ takes on sites.

The two concepts are different in that you can do your research with pitch sessions—and, unless it’s a “speed dating pitch session,” of which I do know those exist, you can usually choose whom you’re pitching at an event.

If your approach isn’t working, you’ve sent out 50 queries and haven’t received any requests, try mixing things up a little. If you’re trying too hard for the wrong person, that’s not going to work in the end either. So, I imagine there are a lot of sweaty palms in the mix, some over-rehearsed pitches, etc.

Poelle: Authors say that pitch sessions are just like speed dating. Likewise, the agent has certain tastes, a set of criteria, preferences, things he is looking for in order to add to his list.

” The site is said to have several ghosts, including a headless drummer boy, who has appeared banging a drum at times, and a woman in a long, flowing red dress.

During his evening at the castle, he mulled their existence while looking at the castle late into the night. Would the ones who have been there thousands of years talk to the ones who have arrived recently?

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